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Welcome to HamDroid!

This site is a small side project of mine and a neat excuse to develop applications for Android, Google’s operating system for smart phones.

Please try these apps and let me know if you like them, if you have any problems, or if you have any ideas for new features.

Feel free to email me:

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Aug 22 2010

    Great app have you considered one for Echolink?

  2. David Reid
    Oct 21 2010

    I live in the Los Angeles area………..IRLP finder continues to give me the “no stations found” message? It worked about 5 days ago but has since failed to find stations.
    TNX, 73 W6KL

  3. Hamdroid
    Oct 21 2010

    Yes, this is a known issue. As I posted on the main page, the website has changed and I am working on an update. Stay tuned, I will post an update soon, hopefully by the weekend.

  4. Mal Good
    Dec 30 2010

    Hi thanks for the app. One suggestion would be to have the option to switch from distance in ‘miles’ to ‘Km’. I look forward to seeing it in your next revision.


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