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Archive for November, 2010


Version 1.3 of IRLP Finder is now available

I just uploaded the latest version of IRLP Finder. You will immediately notice that I changed the icon to match the new Android 2.2 guidelines for flat icons with little perspective and lit from top. I hope you like it. The new icon fits much better with the other icons in a typical 2.2 launcher, which all tend to be flat and square.

The other change I made was to disable the GPS updates when navigating away from the map view. The map view is the only view that requires GPS, so it makes sense to turn it off and save battery when in other views.

As always, comments and suggestions or problems and bug reports are much appreciated.


Published my second app: EchoLink Finder

Moments ago I published my second app to the Android Market. This time it is a location-based finder app for EchoLink stations. This was a popular request from many people that liked the IRLP Finder app.

The user interface is virtually identical, so it should be easy to use. And since the EchoLink website provides all the information with a single http transaction, the search is actually quite a bit faster than for IRLP.

Just to avoid any confusion, this app will not allow you to connect┬áto the EchoLink network or do any kind of ham radio transmitting or receiving. The goal of this app is to help you locate EchoLink nodes near your location, or anywhere in the world, and to get the node’s status information.