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Archive for April, 2010


My first app

IRLP Finder

It is official, my first Android app is now available: IRLP Finder

The app is free and has no adds.

As you probably already know, IRLP is a global network of ham radio repeaters connected to the internet. It is a great way to talk to anybody in the world without having to invest in expensive HF equipment, installing large antennas and waiting for the right atmospheric conditions.

The app will either take your GPS location, or you can enter an address manually. After that it will locate the closest IRLP nodes to that location and display them on a map. Click on any node on the map to get connection details. The details include the node’s frequency and tone, and whether the node is idle or not.

I think there are 2 great uses for this app: to find an idle IRLP node near you, and to look up the node ID in the city you are trying to reach. Give it a try and let me know what you think.